Best Marriage Counselor Orange County

Best Marriage Counselor Orange County

6 Tips for Finding the Best Marriage Counselor Orange County

Marriage is like a dance.  In a healthy, fulfilling marriage, both partners are dancing together in coordinated, smoothly choreographed steps that create a joyful, edifying sense of contentment as they sail across the dance floor.   When a marriage is in trouble, the dance becomes awkward and uncoordinated—and toes get stepped on.  So how can a couple get their groove back?

Marriage counseling provides an objective examination of the couple’s dynamic, helping to identify areas of the relationship that are in need of a fresh approach or a good tweak.  Marriage counseling can provide constructive ways to make needed improvements in communication skills, conflict resolution techniques, financial incompatibility, intimacy issues, and more equitable management of household responsibilities.

Finding the best marriage counselor Orange County can seem a bit daunting at first glance.  With so many therapists in the area, what criteria should one use when selecting the right marriage counselor for your marital issues?  With that in mind, here are six helpful tips for locating the best marriage counselor Orange County:

  1. Couples counseling should be an area of expertise.  There are plenty of therapists who claim to “work with couples” in their practice.  This isn’t good enough.  Seek out therapists who devote at least 30% of their practice to couples counseling versus individual counseling.  Working with couples needs to be a primary focus of their professional practice.
  2. Look for a compatible fit.  Determining whether a marriage counselor is a good fit for each spouse may take some trial and error, but it is well worth the effort.  If after 2 or 3 sessions either party feels out of sync with the personality or style of the therapist it is time to trial another.  Both spouses should feel at ease with the therapist, and have a sense that their input is validated.
  3. Look for evidence-based therapy.  Most therapists have a particular therapeutic specialty or style.  The best marriage counselors Orange County utilize evidence-based approaches, those modalities that have been clinically tested and proven to be effective in the industry.  Two such approaches are Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy and the Gottman Method.
  4. Ask for referrals.  There are several sources from which to seek referrals for a marriage counselor.  While a family member or friend may be a good source for a referral, it may not be ideal if you wish to keep your marital problems to yourself.  A family physician, clergy member, or OB/Gyn can all be good sources for couples counseling referrals.
  5. Ask about their opinion on divorce.  When shopping for a marriage counselor it is important that their values are aligned with your own.  If a couple wants to avoid divorce if at all possible but a therapist has a casual viewpoint on divorce, there will be a values conflict.  A couple that values faith-based beliefs on the sanctity of marriage would be ill-served by a secular therapist with a differing worldview.
  6. Ask if the therapist sets expectations.  Marriage counseling works best when goals and expectations are identified early on.  The best marriage counselor Orange County will define treatment goals based on the issues communicated by the couple in the initial interview.  Marriage counseling is typically a fairly short-term therapy that is goal-oriented, so seek a therapist who will create a treatment plan.

Phaite Behavioral Healthcare Provides Effective Marriage Counseling Orange County

Phaite Behavioral Healthcare offers a team of masters and doctoral level therapists who help couples and families in need of improved communication and conflict resolution skills.  By improving interpersonal relating, couples strengthen the deep connection of the marital bond.  For families in crisis, marriage counseling can provide necessary tools for managing the stress while continuing to support each other.  For more information about our marriage counseling services in Orange County, California, please contact Phaite Behavioral today at (888) 259-1268.

Marriage and Family Therapist Orange County

Marriage and Family Therapist Orange County

When to See a Marriage and Family Therapist Orange County

Is it any wonder that a couple might hit a difficult patch in their marriage?  Think about it:  Two separate human beings with two unique sets of DNA, personal opinions, and life experiences begin a new life forged together as man and wife.  No matter how much love exists between the couple, there are bound to be challenges that can derail them, especially when the stresses of family and life expose their personality differences.  One spouse may be inclined to handle the demands of life one way, and the other spouse a completely different way, causing emotional dissonance and frustration in the marriage.

Most families and couples are able to work through these tough times with patience and a big dose of humility.  Sometimes the only way to keep peace is through acquiescence, although even using that strategy can lead to festering resentments that are akin to a ticking time bomb if the central issues are not properly dealt with.  The most effective approach to solving the issues that have led to marital strife, especially if there are children involved, is with the help of a marriage and family therapist Orange County.

5 Signs You Should Enlist a Marriage and Family Therapist Orange County

In some cases it isn’t crystal clear as to whether a couples or family counselor might be needed to help resolve marital differences.  But if marital differences have escalated to point that real emotional (or physical) damage is being done, it is best to see a professional therapist.  Here are some good reasons to begin marriage and family counseling:

  1. Infidelity.  If a partner has been unfaithful the damage to the marriage can be profound.  In many cases, the infidelity occurs because of a deep-seated problem in the marriage itself.  There could be an absence of physical intimacy, communication may have broken down, there may be festering resentment over perceived mistreatment, or many other signs of vulnerability in the marriage.  Regardless, when one spouse engages in infidelity it can destroy trust bonds and spell doom for the marriage without intervention from a couple’s counselor.
  2. Inequality within the marriage.  When one spouse feels they are being marginalized or patronized by the other, it sets up an uneven playing field.  This inequality between spouses can evolve when one partner stays home with the children, and is subsequently treated in a condescending manner.  Unequal roles may be culturally defined and difficult to overcome.  When one spouse loses a job, it can lead to them feeling, or being treated, as inferior.
  3. Communication breakdown.  With so many distractions impacting the daily lives of a family, it can easily lead to the breakdown of communication.  Without making a conscious effort to work on healthy ways to keep each other engaged and informed throughout the day, week, month, and so one, the never-ending distractions of parenting, school, finances, and work can evolve into a wide gulf between the spouses, and they can lose their emotional connection.
  4. Substance abuse.  When a spouse, or a child, is battling a substance use disorder or addiction it can have significant implications for the whole family.  It has long been said that drug and alcohol addiction is a family disease for good reason.  The fallout of addiction reaches to every corner of the family dynamic, threatening marriages, straining finances, destroying trust, and a whole milieu of emotional strife that a therapist can help treat.
  5. Children acting out.  Kids are very perceptive and can sense when there is tension between parents.  If this situation is ongoing, it can lead children to begin to experience stress and anxiety over the parent’s marital difficulties.  This anxiety plays out at school, on the playground, in risky behaviors, and many other ways, as a kind of call for attention and help.
  6. Family crisis.  When there has been a sudden death in the family or another traumatic event that has created intense emotional distress, family therapy can be beneficial in walking through the feelings of loss, fear, or anguish.  Children, especially, have difficulty finding their voice when facing a crisis.  Family tensions can rise during difficult events, leading to unkind behaviors that can be hurtful, so counseling can help family members communicate and heal.

Phaite Behavioral Marriage and Family Therapist Orange County

Phaite Behavioral Center is a counseling center that is staffed with masters and doctoral level clinicians who are ready to help when you seek a marriage and family therapist Orange County.  These talented therapists will help a couple navigate through a difficult chapter in their marriage, and will gain tools to help resolve future conflicts, restore intimacy, and attain a renewed commitment to their family.  For more information please contact Phaite Behavioral today at (888) 259-1268.