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Best Marriage Counselor Orange County

6 Tips for Finding the Best Marriage Counselor Orange County Marriage is like a dance.  In a healthy, fulfilling marriage, both partners are dancing together in coordinated, smoothly choreographed steps that create a joyful, edifying sense of contentment as they sail across the dance floor.   When a marriage is in trouble, the dance becomes awkward […]

Marriage and Family Therapist Orange County

When to See a Marriage and Family Therapist Orange County Is it any wonder that a couple might hit a difficult patch in their marriage?  Think about it:  Two separate human beings with two unique sets of DNA, personal opinions, and life experiences begin a new life forged together as man and wife.  No matter […]

Psychologist in Orange County

Phaite Behavioral Psychologist in Orange County Once upon a time, seeing a therapist for help with emotional issues or difficult life events was looked down upon.  Back then, psychotherapy was somewhat stigmatized, lampooned in movies and even thought of as a sign of weakness.  In recent years, however, leaning on the skills and knowledge of […]

LGBTQ Counseling Orange County

LGBTQ Counseling Orange County It is easy for individuals who identify as heterosexuals in traditional gender roles to ignore the unique difficulties experienced by those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer.  Even with the huge strides towards cultural acceptance of these alternative gender identities, the propensity to disparage their unique romantic orientations […]

When to Enlist the Help of a Child Psychologist

Child Psychologist in South Orange County It is often said that children are very resilient, that they often bounce back from adversities that occur in their young lives.  While this may be true for the majority of kids, some young people simply cannot wind through a disruption, struggle, or loss without professional help.  This is […]